Male White lab Puppy Wesson – PLACED

 pup2-17Name: Wesson
DOB: 12/20/2014
Registered: Yes – AKC
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Expected Date Available: 03/15/2015

Description: Wesson is a strong white lab with a chill personality and calm temperament. He loves to wrestle, run around and play but he also is a cuddlier and lover when it is time to relax which makes him great as a family dog. Wesson has a soft white coat, big paws and dark eyes. He is a very curious and smart puppy.  As with all puppies offered through Puppy Steps Training, this puppy comes from a high quality breeder,where both parents have documented health clearances and he was carefully selected and hand-picked by us. Call or text Brad Phillips at 208-339-0032, leave a message through this website or email us at to reserve this puppy today! pup2-16 pup2-14 pup2-13 pup2-12 pup2-10 pup2-8 pup2-5 pup2-4 pup2-2