Female Goldendoodle Puppy Abby- Placed

2ndpup-9Name: Abby
DOB: 04/02/2015
Gender: Female
Breed: Goldendoodle
Expected Date Available: 07/20/2015

Description: This is little Abby and we already love her so much! She is a tiny girl full of fun loving energy ready to play and run. Not just does Abby have a perfectly rounded personality but she also has a Hypoallergenic coat which leaves you with little to No Shedding! She would be perfect for any Family or great as a Companion dog. As with all puppies offered through Puppy Steps Training, this puppy comes from a high quality breeder, both parents have documented health clearances and was carefully selected and hand-picked by us. Call or text Brad Phillips at 208-339-0032 or Ami Phillips at 801-388-3846 Monday-Friday 7 am to 8 pm or leave a message through this website to reserve this puppy today!

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