Trained Female Goldendoodle Spice – Placed

 Haley-6Name: Spice
DOB: 08/10/2015
Gender: Female
Breed: Goldendoodle
Expected Date Available: 11/23/2015

Description: This is Spice! She is a beautiful goldendoodle with a thick, curly, golden hypoallergenic coat leaving you with little to no shedding. She has an adorable white patch on her chest and one white spot on her toe. Spice is such a loving puppy with fun energy and a great temperament. Spice would be perfect as a family or companion dog and can’t wait to become part of your home! Spice also comes home with a FREE 6 weeks Dog Pro Secrets Master Class to help you transition to your new puppy as well as keep up on all her training. This is a $300 value for FREE! As with all puppies offered through Puppy Steps Training, this puppy comes from a high quality breeder, both parents have documented health clearances and was carefully selected and hand-picked by us. Call or text Brad Phillips at 208-339-0032, Ami Phillips at 801-388-3846 or email us at to reserve this puppy today!Haley-12Haley-11