The Training Program

Don’t settle for big box store classes where you and your puppy get to share an hour or less with several other puppy families.

Don’t settle for “quick fix” promises, e-books or other marketing gimmicks which promise to solve all of your puppy woes quickly and easily.

Finally, don’t settle for come-and-go copycats who don’t have the professional base, support, customer service, years of experience or quality you’ll find here. You won’t find what we offer anywhere else!

No matter what your fears or hesitations are, we know what it takes, we’ve personally done it hundreds of times and we’re ready to really help you and your puppy get onto the path of long-term success! Here’s how:

There are 3 ways to utilize our training program:

  • Bring your own puppy for training (available up to 12 weeks of age)
  • Let us help you find and train your perfect puppy
  • Adopt one of our beautiful puppies already in training

We believe it takes 4 steps to create a great puppy experience. What sets us apart from virtually any other training program available is we’re doing a knock-out job helping families with all 4!

Here they are (Click on Each One to Find Out More):

All puppies are trained to our set standards and don’t graduate until we’re confident they’ve mastered each one. This is another factor that sets us apart from so many other training options…you’re paying for results, not time!

It takes between 6-8 weeks to complete training. Our program is available nationwide, and occasionally our graduates have even gone home internationally.

Whether you are Local or anywhere in the world you can see how your puppy’s training is progressing by being able to log in to see training journals, health updates as well as receive photo and video updates.