Puppy Steps Training is a 6-8 week all-inclusive training program for puppies that has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Rapidly growing since we started in 2011, we are still trusted by new puppy families in Utah, Idaho and across the nation to provide you with an entirely new low-stress, jump start experience to beginning life with your new puppy. Watch our videos to see why more & more people are coming back & sending their friends to have their puppies trained by the professional Puppy Steps team.


Thank you for bringing Allie into our lives, she is filling a void that we did not even know existed. We can take Allie into any restaurant and she sits quietly under the table and waits. She has gone into the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake and did not react to the Otters or Penguins. She is even able to be taken into the Disney store at City Creek Mall without reacting to children. This is all before she even turns 9 months old. We >> READ MORE

What a blast we have had since mid May when we FINALLY got to bring our boy Luke home, after spending some quality time being trained! We had a hard time justifying the expense…but it was worth every penny! Luke is by far the best dog we have ever owned. Luke had only one (yes, we said one) accident in the house after we brought him home, and that was on his second day here. He was just nervous and had to figure out where we kept his >> READ MORE

Just a quick update on Mika. He’s so awesome! He was really calm on the ride home, used the bell to go out almost immediately, obeys his commands really well except “off” isn’t his favorite (thought he might get away with laying on the couch but that didn’t work out for him), is great on the leash on his walks, doesn’t complain when we put him in his room and is overall an amazing dog. Thanks for giving us the fun of a puppy without all the >> READ MORE

I would like to take the time to tell you how much we LOVE Rosebud!! She is by far the best puppy I have ever had! She is love able, loyal, cuddly and very smart. Everyone that sees her tells me that they wish there puppy was this well behaved. It was so worth the extra money to have your attend your puppy program. She knows her commands very well and only cries out a few times when place her into her crate. I took her to the vet on Monday >> READ MORE

Thank you for all your time yesterday when we picked up Drake. Your skill with puppy training is very evident. We traveled home yesterday and Drake did very well. We stopped frequently and he was good outside every time. He thinks our cat is very fun and tries to play. Max is not impressed, but remains curious. I think in time they’ll end up being friends. >> READ MORE

Just wanted you to know Libby is doing GREAT! She follows all her commands, waits at the door for the kids to leave first and then follows after the OK, stays on command, rings her bell to go potty…. she’s WONDERFUL! The first night she was a little timid, but that didn’t stop her from sleeping in her new crate all night long. She does great going to bed& the kids all adore her. >> READ MORE

Toby is wonderful and I am even better with him. He turns heads where ever he goes and all the little (and big) kids ask to pet him. Many people comment on how calm and mild mannered he is for his age and I agree. Having the training a head has been a big plus! >> READ MORE

I have been a dog owner off and on for my whole life. Now that I’m a mother, I want my kids to have the same positive experience of having a beloved family pet. After meeting Lola I knew she would be a perfect fit for our family. Never in my life have I seen a puppy behave so well as Lola. I am used to puppies that are rambunctious and out of control. She is exceedingly gentle and calm and she just wants to snuggle and be loved. My children >> READ MORE

We had been looking for quite a while for just the right dog to become a new member of our family, and when we found Sandy we knew we had found her, so it was with total excitement that we picked her up and brought her home. We have a large family with 9 children ranging in age from 20 years down to 9 months old, so we knew that our new dog would have to be quite special, and chosen with care, and she was. We also purposely chose a >> READ MORE

I just wanted to tell you how much we love Sam. He is everything good!!! He has adjusted so quickly and is sooo sooo sweet and gentle, perfect in every way. You did an excellent job with him and we can’t thank you enough. … Sam is just awesome!!!! We get so many components on his behavior. We are very much in love with him. He’s my buddy never let’s me out of his sight. >> READ MORE

We have been blown away by our experience with Puppy Steps Training. We brought our puppy home last week and she has been the sweetest most well behaved puppy we have ever met. Brad and Amy sent me updates multiple times a week as well as answered any questions or concerns we might have. Having five young kids it was so important to have a trained pup to join our family and not overwhelm the kids. Wheezy plays with them gently and tolerates >> READ MORE

We are thrilled with Rita, during her training Brad & his trainers were in contact frequently with her training progress. They answered all questions promptly. They worked with me on the shipping date, which was very helpful to our family. Rita adapted to our family right away, from the first moment she was loving & sweet. Rita has a heart of gold, she is friendly to cats, dogs, large & small animals. She never meets a stranger. >> READ MORE