Here's some answers to our most common questions.

What age of dogs do you accept?
While we prefer to start puppies around 10 weeks old, we will accept them between 8 weeks up to 6 months old.
How long will my puppy stay with you?
Our All-inclusive program last 6-8 weeks, the timeframe for this program is dependent on your puppy's progress. If you are looking for a shorter program, we offer 2, 3, or 4 week programs as well.
Do you train all breeds?
Yes, we train all breeds.
Will you train a puppy that we rescued?
Absolutely! We will require additional safety measures be taken when bringing a puppy from a shelter.
Do you provide regular updates?
While your puppy is in training we will give you access to your puppy's individual training journal. Each day (Monday-Friday) we will type a recap of what we worked on with your puppy that day. We will also post weekly picture and video updates.
What vaccinations does my puppy need to start training?
We prefer your puppy to have the first two rounds of shots including a Bordetella prior to training. If your puppy is enrolled in our All-Inclusive program the remaining shots are included in the cost.
What should I bring with my puppy?
Please bring a copy of the vaccination record, a collar without tags, and a small bag of food for the transition.
Where will my puppy sleep at night?
Your puppy will sleep in a crate in our training facility. We have trainers whose job is to teach your puppy how to sleep through the night without having accidents or being vocal.
Can we visit our puppy while they are in training?
Yes, we do allow visits. We ask that we schedule those visits ahead of time. Please no drop ins.
Do you teach the owners how to keep up with the training?
We want you to have success with your puppy's training. This is why we provide you with a couple different avenues to learn how to maintain and continue with the training provided. We give you both an electronic and paper copy of our training manual, access to our webinar series, and a live demonstration/ work shop at the completion of the program.
Will my puppy have problems bonding with me after the training?
Our process of using multiple trainers throughout your puppy's stay with us ensures that there are no issues with bonding. Our program focuses on teaching your puppy to establish healthy, respectful relationships with the humans in their life, but we reserve their heart for you.

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