About Puppy Steps Training

Puppy Steps Training is located on the foothills of beautiful Cache Valley, Utah. We have been professionally training puppies for companion obedience and therapy work since 2008.

Our program specializes in providing thorough positive socialization and all-inclusive puppy training. This program is perfect for puppies intending to be service or therapy dogs as well as puppies simply meant to be a family companion. Puppy transport options make our program available nation-wide.

Bringing a puppy into your life is a 15+ year commitment and so much of a dog’s lifelong behavior depends on what happens during the first few critical months. Whether you need help looking for a puppy, are ready for a puppy now or have a puppy, we can help you get off to the perfect start!

Meet the Team

Haley Jensen

My name is Haley Jensen, owner and founder of Puppy Steps Training. I received a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in Animal Science in 2004 and worked as a veterinary technician for three years. I served in the military for seven years and completed a tour in Afghanistan in 2004-2005. Through my experience returning from deployment I’ve become a firm believer that dogs can fill a very unique emotional role in our lives. I grew up learning to train horses and have studied animal behavior and training for most of my life. I’ve been training dogs and puppies professionally since 2008 and have found a passion for discovering and sharing a “dog’s eye view”! I’m a certified professional dog trainer mentor for both Animal Behavior College and CATCH Canine Trainers Academe. Through my other training company, Dog Pro Secrets, I’ve offered group and private classes, doggy boot camp, in-home consults, an online course as well as volunteered for shelter dog fostering and rehabilitation. I’ve found so much enjoyment over the years helping dogs and their families and watching the growth and success of Puppy Steps Training!

Brad Phillips

Hey there my name is Brad Phillips and I am the Manager and Head Trainer here at Puppy Steps Training. I am a Utah State graduate as of 2016 and majored in Natural Resources with an emphasis on wildlife. My passions are anything in the outdoors, and I have found that a dog make these things more enjoyable.

I have been training dogs since 2008 starting with my own dog Jake who I trained as a school project to be my hunting companion. Ever since working with him I found that training dogs was a skill that I was particularly good at. As well it is something I wanted to pursue. Dogs are remarkable animals with more potential than most people can imagine. I love to learn to techniques and see the many things that dogs can learn.

One of the most important things to me is providing a well-trained puppy to a good family. That in itself is my reward. I have devoted many hours into making sure I have a quality facility, with superior trainers to share our incredible puppies with the world.

Ami Phillips

I am Ami Phillips and I have been working with the Puppy Steps Team as Head of Communications for the past 3 years. I delight in interacting with clients and linking them to the daily training successes of their puppy. Communication is a big part of our program and so we keep each of our puppy families knowing what is going on and how there puppy is doing. I love answering questions and concerns and placing each client’s mind at ease. This is such an exciting time and we want the family to be involved as much as possible throughout the training course. I am an enthusiastic mother of two crazy kids, I love animals and feel they deserve respect and I enjoy seeing each family and puppy go home together knowing they are both set up for success!

Day Trainers

Skylar Little

Jenna Bennet

Katie Goodsell

Night Time Crate Trainers

Kimball Pace

Makenna Dunn