About Us

Puppy Steps Training is split between the sloping foothills of beautiful Cache Valley, Utah and the Snake River Valley in Idaho. Haley Jensen has been professionally training dogs and puppies for companion obedience and therapy work for over 5 years. Our training methods make use of natural dog behavior in a positive way and emphasize leadership and correct socialization. One of our unique aspects is our use of various stress reduction techniques such as massage, essential oils and controlled nature walks. We want puppies and their owners to love the time they spend together and to build a relationship of respect and trust. Knowing how a dog views his world is key to a successful dog/owner relationship, so we’re committed to discovering and sharing a “dog’s eye view”.

Meet the trainer

Haley Jensen

My name is Haley Jensen, head trainer and owner of Puppy Steps Training. I received a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in Animal Science in 2004 and worked as a veterinary technician for three years. I served in the Army National Guard for seven years and completed a tour in Afghanistan as the Flight Operations NCOIC for a Task Force of helicopters. I’ve been professionally training dogs and puppies for over five years and have found it to be my passion! I’m a firm believer that dogs fill a very unique emotional role in our lives. I’ve found that although we know quite a bit about dogs, what really goes on in a dog’s psyche with regards to their relationship with man is largely a mystery. I’ve devoted a great deal of time studying this relationship and will continue to do what I can to help people make the most of their relationship with their dogs. I have three children, a wonderful husband and am loving life!